Experienced Team

New Philosophy

Lending Redefined

Backed by industry veterans with unique access to the capital markets and other strategic relationships, we deliver a product offering that covers a wide range of consumer needs. Nexera operates under two national mortgage brands: “Newfi” for our consumer direct business and “Blustream” for our wholesale business. Both Newfi and Blustream leverage a unique operating model to significantly drive down costs resulting in superior market pricing.


Newfi takes a complicated process and makes it simple with our innovative and secure consumer-lending portal. Through advanced workflows, automated communications, and efficient document processing, Newfi delivers consumers a superior experience and significant savings.

At Blustream Lending, we serve our wholesale partners with a broad spectrum of products, marketing resources and service execution. These resources combined with efficient technology and an attractive price point helps our partners grow their business and close more loans.

What we do


Great Rates

Our technology allows us to offer a superior experience at a lower cost. That translates into better service and great rates for our customers.


Process Automation

Mortgage lending is changing and Nexera is leading the way by automating communication, document collection, shopping and more.


Complete Transparency

Our lending portal gives customers a simple way to close their loan and connect to all stakeholders throughout the lending process.


Data Security

Customer personal data is important to us. We take an above and beyond approach to protecting our customer’s data and building trust.

Fast Experience

By mapping workflows and automating “what’s next” in the loan process, we’ve taken a complicated process and made it simple to close a loan in record pace.

Market Leads

Programs and products that help our partners win, help us win. We invest in marketing products, like property search and listing marketing tools, to help our partners succeed.

Expanding Products

Our experienced product team is focused on creating Niche products that help our partners close more loans, and earn more money.

Experienced Team

Our leadership boasts over 100 years of combined experience, from C-Level Executive to Fortune 500 operations management. We know this business.